Monday, November 23, 2015

Genre Scouting - Narrative Non-Fiction

I make no secret of my general non-enjoyment of standard non-fiction textbook type books. I find them boring even when I'm passionate about the subject, I just can't get into them or read them for long periods of time without getting drowsy the way I do with novels. I can sometimes get interested in true crime books without getting bored. I'd really like to start reading narrative non-fiction but I'm not 100% sure where to start. Book Riot recently had a great article, which is actually what ended up inspiring this post, Genre Kryptonite: Non-Fiction For Fiction Lovers and I am definitely thinking about starting with a few of their suggestions since the library I work at has the three that sound most appealing to me, a few of the Stella Tillyard ones (Aristocrats and A Royal Affair) and one of the Nancy Mitford's (Madame Pompadour) .

Aside from the Book Riot article, I've read some other pieces in the past that have led me to believe that narrative non-fiction is the best way to get someone who is a strict fiction reader actually reading narrative non-fiction, but I was always kind of confused about what exactly makes narrative non-fiction. I feel like I won't really completely understand the genre until I get a book that I know is classed as narrative non-fiction into my hands and start reading it.

So really I guess the point of this post is that I'm hoping to crowd source some reading recommendations. As a genre fiction lover, specifically fantasy, paranormal romance (paranormal anything really), sci-fi and mysteries what narrative non-fiction books would you suggest I get started with?

-- Ren

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