Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random House Reading Bingo 2014 - My Game Boards

So it's the start of a new year and that means the start of a new yearly reading challenge. In 2013 my original goal was 52, but in June I realised that I was too far behind pace due to several things, but no excuses. Realising I was so off pace I scaled my goal back to 35, come December I was still running behind, and then I discovered some really interesting paranormal fantasy series' AND the joy's of the Download Library (The Waterloo Public Library's e-book collection). With those two things I ended up passing my goal, and if I hadn't had to keep waiting for holds to come in, I would have made my original goal. I ended up at 50/35.

This year I decided to set the same goal, 52, or a book a week. As of today, I am 2 books ahead of the game, that's right I've already read 3 books this year :D (and I've got a 4th and a 5th on the go!). I've also decided to track my books (or at least some of them) a second way. Random House posted their annual Reading Bingo cards early this week, and as I was reading through them I noticed that all 3 of the books I've read so far could fit onto the card, so I'm playing! Here are the original cards for reference: 

My Cards (as of Jan. 11, 2014)

Because I'm playing this game, it's part of my goal of reading 52 books, to make sure that I fit a book for each of these squares into that 52. I'm strategically leaving the free space for a book that DOESN'T fit any of the other criteria! I'll post updated cards once a month until I've completed them.

How many book are you hoping to read this year? Are you doing any other secondary challenges?

-- Ren


  1. I may have a go at that myself, it sounds interesting

    1. It really does, and it'll be a good push to get me to pick up some things I normally veer away from, like non-fiction, horror, and books based on true stories. And for the "A book your friend loves" I'm going to be asking you to suggest a book that you don't think I'd pick up otherwise hehe.